Gaim OSD

 Gaim On-Screen Display plugin:  Enhance your IM experience!

On-screen display overlays shaped text on your screen; it has a similar effect as a television's on-screen volume controls, etc.  The XOSD library makes this ability possible.  Gaim OSD is an implementation of the XOSD library, allowing Gaim to display several notification messages.  The current features are listed below.
If a program's web page doesn't offer screenshots, why bother downloading it?  These screenshots are from version 0.60 and Gaim 0.60.

Configuration: Display | Windows | Events | Select Events | Custom Buddies | About
Buddy Menu: Select
OSD Display: on Desktop | over a Screensaver

Everyone loves cool features.  So what does this plugin do?  Anything you want! 

         * OSD display
                - sign on/off status
                - away/back status
                - idle/unidle status
                - IMs, (both received and displayed)
                - new conversation status
                - chat invitations
                - join/leave messages
                - chat messages, with special nick-highlighted display
                - warning messages
        * Fully customizable, all OSD display options can be
                - shown only when 'here' and/or
                - shown only when 'away'
                - customizable display timeout
                - different colors
                - each OSD line can be fully customized
        * Font configuration
        * Font shadow
        * Horizontal/vertical alignment
        * Horizontal/vertical offset
        * Text substitutions, (including away messages - GAIM PATCH REQUIRED)
        * Limit the maximum message length (helpful for long away messages)
        * Mutli-line and mutli-page messages (for long messages)
        * OSD toggle icon for each conversation/chat window
        * Per-buddy customization
        * Quick on-screen display enable/disable
        * Support for changing the number of OSD lines
        * Log messages to conversation/chat windows

There are a few requirements to get this puppy working.  If you read the README file, included in the archive, you shouldn't have too much trouble.

XOSD On-screen display library
Gaim instant messaging client source
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Comments, suggestions, ideas, patches, bugs, etc!
All are welcome!  If new feature requests are both feasible and reasonable, we will consider adding them.  Please visit our project page, hosted by SourceForge. 

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